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209 East Carpenter Street, Cleveland, MS 38732
(1 block west of Backyard Burgers™, Off Hwy 61)
(662) 545-4755 or (662) 719-3539

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Fully Operational

Having had to pause for the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cleveland Event Center is fully operational again.  All is well.  If renters, their guests and all of us continue to act with caution, we may continue to be well.  Management certainly does its part in assuring that the facility is kept clean and sanitary.

Holiday Renting

The Cleveland Event Center is now available to rent on holidays such as Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.  The hourly rate remains at $80, so there is no increase in the rental fee for renting on a holiday.  However, the minimum rental period for each said holiday is 10 hours.  Accordingly, the minimum cost to rent this venue on a holiday is $800 for up to 10 hours.   Your decorator alone would require at least hallf that amount of time for decorating and removing decorations. 

You may call for availability of the venue on the aforesaid holidays.

Free Wedding Ceremonies

We perform wedding ceremonies at the Cleveland Event Center at no cost.  It is a courtesy to our renters.  You would surely be impressed with our ceremonies.

Venue Is Popular With Elderly Honorees

Elderly honorees enjoy being honored at the Cleveland Event Center, which provides life-long memories for them to cherish.  Here the elderly feels secure, blessed, truly honored and throughly pampered.  Anyone who has been honored at this venue would confirm this statement.

Sibling Celebration

A family member in Aurora, Illinois had a sibling celebration event at the Cleveland Event Center recently.  The event was FANTASTIC!  Fifteen of sixteen surviving sisters and brothers, other family members and a few friends from all over this country met here.  Of course, the siblings were all VIP's.  The scene began with an outside red carpet entry, flanked by colorful stanchions and ropes.  The venue was beautifully decorated.  The decorations lacked nothing and offered lots of eye-pleasing things to behold.

The siblings embraced one another, chatted about themselves, their parents, other family members, friends, and the "Days of Old".  There was a general reunion program that included, among other things, a pictorial ritual for the siblings' dearly departed loved ones, which was befitting to the ensuing Memorial Day.  A caterer from Clarksdale served delectable food that seemed to stimulate the crowd's taste buds and please their tummies.  Viewing such happiness, warmth and love makes a person wonder, "Why shouldn't all mankind be this way?"